X-TPSON OTG Ski Goggles Snowboard Goggles Winter Glasses for Men Women Youth 100% AntiFog UV Protection


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  • COMPATIBLE WITH SKI HELMET – X-TPSON Ski glasses has a long adjustable elastic strap,Extra long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all ski helmets.It makes these perfect ski goggles suitable for both men, women & youth.
  • VENTILATION – X-TPSON Snow goggles has good ventilation,the ventilation and the convection effects have been tested and calculated many times to find the most suitable design for the user.
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS – X-TPSON Snowboard goggles is made of 100% new thermoplastic polyurethanes frame and impact resistant polycarbonate lenses.The color on the X-TPSON ski goggles is real REVO coating,REVO coating lens snow goggles provides increased visibility in skiing or snowboarding.
  • COMFORTABLE – X-TPSON Winter goggles has triple layer foam,Soft foam around back of the frame,protect your eyes and nose,you will feel comfortable all day wearing.
  • ANTI-FOG & UV PROTECTION – Dual-layer Polycarbonate lenses,all lenses are Anti-fog & Anti-glare coating that provides 100% protection against fogging.X-TPSON Ski goggles offer 100% UV400 protection against the UV ray and the harmful blue light,restore the true color of vision.
  • Polycarbonate frame

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X-TPSON dual-lenses ski goggles featured with anti-fog, anti-wind and 100% UV protection to protect your eyes when skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling and other snow sports.

anti-fog system

Durable PC lens


Anti-Fog System

  • Lens :Dual-layer lens,the inner lenses with anti-fog
  • Ventilation :Two way convection channel to maintain the temperature in the goggles
  • Lens Style : Spherical

Durable TPU Frame & PC Lenses

The frame and lenses are durable and hard to deformed and not easily damaged.The frame made of High quality Thermoplastic polyurethanes(TPU),the lenses made of high quality polycarbonate(PC),Pass the professional test.

OTG Design

  • X-TPSON Ski goggles that fits over glasses,Suitable for both adult and youth.
  • Maximum glass size of: 5.3 in length x 1.6 in height.
  • Lens Finish: Full REVO/Clear

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How to choose a suitable ski & snowboard googles for different weather?



FAQ for X-TPSON Ski goggles?

  • 1Q:What does VLT mean? What is best VLT(visible light transmittance) for skiing?
  • 1A:The lens color is mainly selected according to personal preference. We recommend choosing according to local climatic conditions, you can refer to the following data: VLT 0-10% FOR SUNNY DAYS , VLT10-25% FOR PARTIALLY CLOUDED TO SUNNY DAYS , VLT 25-60 FOR CLOUDY DAYS AND DUSK, VLT 60-90% FOR NIGHT AND HEAVLIY CLOUDER DAYS.
  • 2Q:What’s mean of the OTG design?
  • 2A:OTG means Over The Glasses, so if you wear glasses you can wear these goggles over them.
  • 3Q:Are these ski goggles suitable for kids ?
  • 3A:It is suitable for teenagers that over 12 years old and adults.The strap of The X-TPSON Ski Goggles is adjustable, you can adjust it according to your head circumference.

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